Tyne Valley Folk Train anthem


Tyne Valley Folk Train invites you to join Dave and Vince in learning the new Tyne Valley Folk Train anthem. Test your skills, dexterity, determination and tolerance of humour in this beautifully crafted tune written as a commission by Accordion extraordinaire, Ian Lowthian. Here you will find a practice video, a PDF copy of the dots and the anthem itself for you to play along with at your leisure. We hope to regularly play this tune at future events.


Originally commissioned in 2013 after Vince won a tune in the raffle, this melody has sat idle, forgotten by the annals of time in the depths of Dave's drawers (!) ....... until now


Hope you enjoy the ride.

practice run

Learn the melody and / or the chords.

The anthem

Have fun joining Dave and Vince playing through the tune. Play melody, chords, improvise or just listen. It's up to you.

This clip also features a career defining performance from Folk n Fell regular, Gareth Banks. Enjoy!

Download the pdf