Folk Train Frequently asked questions.

The Folk Train Event

  1. Is the train for folk train participants only (i.e. privately hired/for exclusive use)?
    No. It’s just a normal train service that we use. The Folk Train is supported the rail company and there is usually an announcement by the train manager as the train departs, to explain to all passengers that there will be live music for the next hour or so.
  2. Is there a fee?
    No. The Tyne Valley Folk Train musical experience is free to all. You just need to purchase a valid ticket for each journey. You will also need to buy your own refreshments at the pub.
  3. Do I need to book a table at the pub?
    That isn’t usually possible. Participants take their seats as they arrive. We usually manage to fit everyone in and we try to make sure people with mobility problems get a seat.
  4. Can I book my meal in advance?
    It’s usually possible to pre-order (but not pay for) your Sunday lunch via the FaceBook page. We publish a menu a week before each train. It means that there’s less of a queue and the pub knows which meals will be popular on the day.
  5. Can I book a slot in the “folk club” style concert in advance?
    We only book slots and sort out the running order on the day when everyone is there.
  6. Is it only folk music that is allowed?
    While the emphasis is on traditional tunes and songs, other types of acoustic music are welcome
  7. Can I bring an amplified instrument?
    No. We are an acoustic-only event. Buy a thicker plectrum.

The Tyne Valley Folk Train Organisation

  1. Who is behind the folk train? Is it a company or an individual? Is the rail company involved?
    Tyne Valley Folk Train CIC is a Community Interest Company formed by Dave Wood and Vince Taylor in order to support participation in folk music. You can view the accounts at Companies House. Each folk train event is supported by the Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership and the host pub.
  2. Is the Tyne Valley Folk Train related to folk trains elsewhere in the UK?
    No. There is no relationship, financial or otherwise, but we support the same thing – good music and good times.

Other Tyne Valley Folk Train Events

  1. Do you organise any other events?
    Yes. We organise a weekend of ensemble playing called FolknFell. It takes place usually once a year at Easter or thereabouts. We also organise occasional gigs and “Day of Music” events which comprise masterclasses and seminars as well as session playing and an evening concert. Charges apply for these events. See the drop down menu for details.